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Roller racking or mobile racking

Mobile Storage

​​Mobile Storage also know as roller racking, rolling storage and mobile racking and our Slide a Side system is ideal solution if you want to make efficient use of space and increase available storage capacity without increasing your footprint. On average our bespoke systems will provide you over 80% more storage capacity than a standard storage system or house your existing storage in 50% less floor space than conventional static storage system would.  

This freestanding, modular product can be easily added to, expanded and relocated. It can store all types of media, including lever arch, wallets, suspended pockets and archive boxes.

You can move the units apart quickly and easily to access the items that you want and then secure the mobile bases to prevent unauthorised access, all with minimum effort.

roller racking and mobile shelving

Our design service includes an onsite survey, technical analysis (including floor load data), a full CAD layout of your office to detail how the system can integrate into your office environment.

We can install our mobile shelving on a variety of floors (solid flooring and raised flooring), in any RAL or BS colour, with a choice of finishes (veneer and MFC or steel deco panels), running on a surface-mounted or flush fitting floor tracks.

OSS specialise in supplying, installing and maintaining roller racking system for all service sectors from corporate business's through to banking, museums and healthcare and any other business which require high density mobile storage solutions.

As well as supply new systems, we also have the resource to relocate, maintain and provide annual PUWER certification for all other makes of mobile shelving as well as our own.

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