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Grid Storage with cupboards

Grid Storage

Grid modular storage can be customised and configured to your design. It can be connected to create a framwork entirely of you design, which can then be customised with accessories to enhance its functionality. 

Grid Modular Storage gives you the ability to have flexibility and ease to create  any layout you choose. However, that's not the only feature that makes 'Konfigure' Grid a great solution.

Discover how Grid Modular storage can make a difference to your workplace design.

  • Choice of application, finishes and configuration, - finishes in steel and MFC

  • Create zones throughout your workspace 

  • Compliment or refresh existing furniture without the need for total renewal

  • Improve aesthetics with flashes of colour, lockers, alcoves and shelving

  • ​Suitable for open spaces, corridors and smaller spaces

  • Varying heights and dimensions work in harmony for a cohesive look

  • End of desk storage for practical solutions​

  • Available metalwork finishes include Black, Grey, Silver, White, Anthracite and raw lacquered steel 

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