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... for all your agile working solutions


OSS Lockers can be supplied in a range of MFC, laminate, steel or wood veneers in sizes to suit your requirements and can also incorporate internal shelves, pullout drawers, laptop/phone charging points and post slots.

To enhance your security and accessibility we also offer a complete range of RFID locks, these can be stand alone or be fully integrated into your buildings security system for easy use by your staff or visitors. On the fully integrated systems the technology can report back on the usage of individual lockers, how long they were used for and who used them the most and therefore give you the tools to effectively manage the lockers throughout your premises. Please see our Intelligent Locking page. 

All images are published with the permission of their owner. Please do not download these images and use them without our express permission.

We are also able to supply an RFID locking solution to fit existing lockers that you may have on-site, this could be as a standalone project or merged in with a new requirement if you business is expanding, therefore offering a cost saving on buying complete new lockers.

Specifically for use with our lockers, we also supply the complete range of HOTBOX agile working solutions to further enhance the move to smart working procedures. 

There are no limitations to the size of individual lockers in each bank, or to the scale of each project.

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