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With workspace storage now becoming more functional we can provide smart working practices into your office environment with a comprehensive range of agile modular lockers.

Storage Wall

Utilise every single centimetre of available space for your storage whilst at the same time reducing your storage footprint. 


Mobile Storage 

We have a range of extremely space effective and robust Mobile and Slide-a-Side systems that are modular and versatile.


OSS Mobile Shelving is the most space and cost effective storage system that is available.


This can be is a long-lasting solution which can be tailored exactly to your needs.



Whether your objective is to separate areas, create open zones, or to add some interest to sections of your office space, KONFIGURE can be assembled to do the job.


Bespoke Storage

Every project has different requirements - OSS can provide bespoke storage solutions for you.

We are always willing to go the extra mile to achieve our customer's goals.



Having the flexibility to choose where to work is becoming more and more important in the modern workplace. Whether you are working solo or within a team, the Hotbox offers the solution to facilitate both workstyles. 


Intelligent Locking Solutions

Available for all your Storage security requirements  are our Intelligent Locking Solutions. 

From Combination locks through to RFID locks and more. 


We are also able to supply and fit RFID locks to your existing lockers.



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