Rotary storage

Delivering up to 400% more filing capacity than conventional storage, our r-evolve rotary storage units are the perfect way to regain valuable floor space.  

These rotating units allow access to both sides from a single point, with a simple foot pedal providing complete and totally safe control.

They're suitable for storing a variety of files and multimedia data. 3x8-tier units can hold the equivalent of 18x4 drawer filing cabinets (see diagram below).

Each unit can be individually locked. And we can install the complete system in any RAL or BS colour. 


View our Gallery for more photos of our rotary storage. 




Storage options

  • Drawers and file hangers.

  • Standard slotted shelves, with or without dividers.

  • Lateral filing frames.

  • Duplex shelves (i.e. shelf filing with lateral hanging filing underneath).

  • Rollout hanging folder frames.

  • Rollout stationary/computer media drawers.

  Product Details


The diagram below shows the footprint dimensions of our r-evolve units. It includes the space required during rotation and the heights of the various models (i.e. from 3-tier to 8-tier units). 










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