Picture racking

This bespoke, modular product can be easily added to and expanded. It's ideal for museums, galleries and private collections looking to store art, records and photographs. Items can be securely stored and easily viewed without having to remove or handle the items, thereby massively reducing the risk of damage to precious artefacts. 

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  • Condensed, effective, lockable storage.

  • Can be easily added to and expanded.

  • Ideal for precious work and artefacts.

  • No need to handle stored items.

  • Can be integrated into other storage systems.

  • Easy to relocate


  • Heavy duty mesh panels (3mm wire in 50mm pitches).

  • Individual frame size up to 2.5m x 1.25m.

  • All frames manufactured in 2mm mild steel.

  • Mesh welded inside frame.

  • Double or single-sided frames.

  • All components powder coated.

  • High quality slide mechanism ensures smooth and even movement.