We've been manufacturing and installing top quality office storage products for over 20 years. Some are still working, because those customers had the foresight to take advantage of our ongoing or ad hoc maintenance services.

For your complete peace of mind, we check all of our products before and after initial installation. Should your product require attention within the warranty period, our engineers will be onsite within 48 hours to put things right.

After that we strongly advise you to take advantage of one of our ongoing or ad hoc maintenance services. Don't trust to luck because, however good the product (and ours really are the best), wear and tear is an inescapable fact of life. 


Annual Contract

  • 1 onsite visit a year from our engineers.

  • Unlimited call outs.

  • Full inspection and system test.

  • Service of track and mobile systems, including removal of debris from tracks and calibration of drives.

  • Lubrication and cleaning of gear and drives systems and all moving parts.

  • All small parts included, i.e nuts and bolts etc.

  • PUWER Certification.

Ad hoc maintenance

  • If you're an existing customer, you can take advantage of our ad hoc maintenance service. It's based on an agreed hourly rate and a call out fee.

  • Where possible, we will provide a quote before doing any repair work.

  • We offer a non-brand maintenance service for products from other manufacturers. It covers systems from all mobile shelving manufacturers. 


Prices for all service & maintenance contracts can be quoted for individual systems on request.