An essential item for moving between office spaces, Hotbox 1 is the perfect tool for transporting all the items you need to attend that impromptu meeting. Just a fraction larger than an A4 piece of paper, Hotbox 1 is the first Hotbox to come in a series of block colours – which are all fully recyclable. Available in a spectrum of colours, pink, yellow, blue, white and brick, Hotbox 1 makes a statement when it’s sitting on your desk or in motion around the office.





Quirky, colourful and original, Hotbox 2 is a complete must for anyone who wants to personalise their working environment. Hotbox 2 encompasses everything we stand for: agility, style and individuality. Available with tactile fabric covers and in colours to reflect your personality, the easily portable Hotbox 2 makes intuitive use of space. Not only does it include an integrated whiteboard, you can also store everything from your laptop, tablet, stationery, photographs, even the tiny cactus you have gradually bonded with.