Storage Service with a Difference

Tuesday, 5 November 2013  |  Admin

Storage solutions companies may be ten-a-penny, but Office Storage Solutions (OSS) strives to stand apart from the rest.

Although we pride ourselves on having more than twenty years’ service in the industry, we have never become stagnant; we have always listened to the concerns, demands and expectations from our customers. As a result, we have successfully evolved into a completely customer-focused business.

How many storage companies can provide the following benefits to their customers?


Immediate solutions to filing storage problems

You will find our filing consultancy service of tremendous help. Our experienced consultants quickly produce alternative methods for file retrieval and archiving. They can recommend more efficient ways of classifying files, storing data and media.  

Save staff downtime and maximise your budget

We offer a comprehensive filing transfer service to facilitate our customers. If you are moving offices, your staff won’t have to lift a finger because we will do it all. Our experienced staff will label, pack, unpack your files and return them to the storage system. You won’t need to pay staff overtime to make up for time lost.


Can't fine it, we'll make it!

We have a first-class team of in-house CAD engineers to bring you a bespoke service. As well as providing blueprints of tailor-made units, we can design filing wallets and pockets to fit your storage system. We can provide you with everything you need, why go elsewhere?

These are just a few of the additional benefits we provide to customers. We undertakes site visits to measure up and troubleshoot. We can provide workshop training to help staff operate newly installed filing systems. This is another job you won’t have to spend time on. 

We have our own team of professional installation engineers. With their extensive knowledge of storage systems, they have the ability to quickly disassemble your existing storage units. They will build your new system quickly and efficiently, without interrupting staff workflow.