The Secret to Relocating Filing Systems in a Hassle-Free Way

Thursday, 3 July 2014  |  Admin

Is your company planning to relocate to new offices? Can your chosen removal firm handle moving filing systems? How many staff can you spare to help relocate the files? What will this downtime cost your business?

Office Storage Solutions can meet these challenges on your behalf. Filing systems relocation, if not managed properly, can cost your company a lot of money. Removal companies moving filing systems will do just that – move them – and that is all they will do. What you need is a dedicated specialist in relocating filing systems.

For more than twenty years, we have taken full responsibility for packing, transporting, unpacking and re-loading filing systems for businesses and organisations across the UK.

There are several benefits to using us for relocating filing systems:

No staff downtime

  • Because we take on the responsibility of moving filing systems, your staff can perform their usual tasks. You won’t have to take anyone away from their job to re-establish your filing. We ensure that your systems are up and running before you move in – not after.


Detailed pre-planning

  • We don’t believe in simply servicing clients over the telephone.  We undertakes site visits so that we can see for ourselves what needs doing. Potential problems can be discussed face-to-face and ironed out, allowing a smooth transition from start to finish. Our highly trained staff colour-code, label and crate your files. There’ll be nothing for your staff to do.


Break down and rebuild


Comprehensive Solutions

  • If you need files stored while your new offices become ready, we can offer you secure storage facilities. This can be short or long-term.


If you need better filing facilities in your new or existing premises, we can offer you sensible solutions. We provide a wide variety of filing systems that are space-saving and ergonomically designed; to grow with your business. Several colours, finishes, and different levels of security available. Our superb team of CAD engineers can even provide bespoke solutions.