What kind of mobile storage solution would best suit you?

Sunday, 10 November 2013  |  Admin

Do you need mobile storage at your current premises? Or maybe a bespoke system to be in keeping with an office suite you are soon relocating to?

Tell us what you don’t like about your current mobile storage system, and what design features would make your life at work so much easier each time you go to retrieve or return a file, and we’ll put ourselves in your shoes as we set about ‘making your mobile storage solution happen’.

By listening to you and your team (the people who will actually be using the system!), and understanding what’s easiest and best for you, we can gain a clear understanding of your exact storage requirements, before we move on to the design stage.

We find this approach pays dividends, every time. So many other office storage companies design, produce and install mobile systems they want their clients to have, rather than creating the exact mobile storage solution their client desires. 

At OSS, clients having to compromise in some way when using one of our systems at their business premises means we have failed. (And we haven’t failed yet!)